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Remastered Loud & Clear Album Available only via digital download.

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After seeing the crazy prices this thing was going for on eBay if you could even find it, we figured we’d better get it to you guys ourselves! This is a solo album Jesse made in the mid-’90s, and it’s like a musical scrapbook of where his life was at that time. There are rock tunes, but also some really nice ballads in the vein of Steve Perry/Don Henley, and this package also includes two bonus tracks never before released anywhere!
Some of the songs are originals and others are covers of some of Jesse’s personal favorites, and they feature Jesse’s personal liner notes and thoughts about the songs. When you’re wiped out from headbanging to Rock Sugar and Loud & Clear, cuddle up with your favorite blanket, or somebody you love and check this one out!


01 – Help Me Stand

02 – If We Were Friends

03 – Somebody Real

04 – Burn For You

05 – Does It Feel Like Love

06 – Just Be You

07 – Life In America

08 – That’s What A Brother Is For

09 – Power Windows

10 – People Laugh

11 – The Sound Of Your Voice

12 – The Day That I Met You

13 – Treated This Way

14 – The Reason Why

15 – Charm You

16 – In My Life


17 – A Memory In The Making

18 – Can’t Cry Hard Enough


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