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The Ultimate Pop/Metal/Rock Mash-up Album EVER Created!

Available only via digital download.

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Over 10 years in the making, and one of the things we hear the most is how AWESOME everyone’s first listen-through is. You think you’re hearing one of your favorite songs – then everything you thought you knew about the music you love is knocked upside down!

“ReInventinator” isn’t just an album… it’s an amazing one-of-a-kind EXPERIENCE!
Over 40 all-time classic metal and pop anthems ReInvented and seamlessly merged into 14 epic new combinations you’d never imagine until you hear them – but listen with caution because once you’ve heard it, you’ll never hear your favorite songs the same way again!

If you’ve ever enjoyed anything about rock, pop or metal, this is the album you’ve been waiting for – play it for your unsuspecting friends and just watch their reactions.

Available ONLY via digital download, complete with a liner booklet including photos, the latest Rock Sugar story, full credits, and a personal message from the band!

Prepare to have the line between Pop & Metal BLOWN to SMITHEREENS!
Rock Sugar – More Than Mashups; A Musical Revolution.
Because Pop Rocks!


01 – Walk In Black For Centuries

02 – Crawling Numb To Somebody Bohemian

03 – Faithful Child O’ Mine

04 – Shout At The Devil Dog All Night

05 – Rebels Out Of Heaven

06 – Wires Of Summer

07 – Someone Like Home

08 – Smells Like Teen Romance Of The Night

09 – You Give Your Love A Bad Name

10 – Since Ur Barracuda’s Been An Immigrant

11 – Another Edge Of The Tiger In The Air

12 – Roll You in the Hurricane

13 – Any Highway You Want

14 – Countdown To Fireworks

7 reviews for Reinventinator Album Digital Download

  1. HouseofTrow

    I love the new album…and the old album!! You guys are mash-up masters!! Get started on the next one quick!!!

  2. Yoav Israeli (verified owner)

    The album is perfectly great. I love it. You are the gods of mash-ups!! can’t wait for the next album!!

  3. Brian Kilmurray (verified owner)

    The first 20 seconds of the first song is worth the price of admission. Great album.

  4. Grayson (verified owner)

    FANTASTIC. Best album since Reimaginator…. And I ain’t kiddin ya. Great stuff!!!

  5. BradM (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing and best party album ever!!! add the first album and this has been on repeat at any function I have held with friends and family. Bring on the next one!!!

  6. War Eagle

    KICK BUTT MUSIC!! Watched the segments on Professor Of Rock’s YouTube and fell in love with what was being Mashed UP!!!

    • Rock Sugar (verified owner)

      Thank you, War Eagle.

  7. Ralf T

    Great again after all this years.
    Thanks from Germany

    • Rock Sugar (verified owner)

      Thank you, Ralf!

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