Two Album Bundle


Reinventinator Album Digital Download

The Ultimate Pop/Metal/Rock Mash-up Album EVER Created!

Available only via digital download.

Loud & Clear Album Digital Download

Remastered Loud & Clear Album Available only via digital download.

Sound Of Your Voice Album Digital Download

Remastered Loud & Clear Album Available only via digital download.



Buy Two Albums for $35. A $25 Savings!


Reinventinator Album

“ReInventinator” transcends the boundaries of a mere album; it delivers an awe-inspiring, unparalleled EXPERIENCE! Brace yourself for the mind-blowing fusion of over 40 timeless metal and pop anthems, meticulously ReInvented and seamlessly interwoven into 14 epic new combinations that defy imagination until they grace your ears. But, a word of caution: once you succumb to its captivating allure, your cherished songs will be forever transformed, forever altering your perception of them!

Loud and Clear Album

Prepare to embark on a thrilling musical journey as you delve into this album, where the original homemade demos of our most beloved songs are showcased. Drawing inspiration from legendary acts like Journey, Def Leppard, and Bon Jovi, these tracks capture the essence of their rock-infused spirit. You get two bonus tracks, never before heard anywhere else! If you’re a fan of those iconic bands and you like Rock Sugar, this album will undoubtedly ignite your passion. Get ready to unleash your inner rocker and embrace the power of ROCK!

Sound of Your Voice Album

Jesse crafted this solo album during the mid-1990s, creating a musical scrapbook that reflects the state of his life during that era. Not only does it have rock tunes but also heartfelt ballads reminiscent of the styles embraced by Steve Perry and Don Henley. Also, this package offers a surprise with the inclusion of two previously unreleased bonus tracks, making it a treasure trove for fans everywhere.


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